Elisa Cavaletti range is designed by Daniela Dallavalle for women who want the freedom to lose and rediscover themselves every day. Wrapped in sophisticated, comfortable clothes, they experience encounters, journeys, glances, fragrances and flavours. The total look appeals to women of all ages all over the world who share the same love for life, attention to detail and great sensitivity to the innate beauty in everything around us.



Elisa Cavaletti Printed Tunic
Elisa Cavaletti Cold Shoulder Dress
Elisa Cavaletti Blue Crackled Print Leggings
Elisa Cavaletti Distressed  Brown Linen Dress
Elisa Cavaletti Knit & Lace  Layered Top
Elisa Cavaletti Finely Knit Cold Shoulder Dress
Elisa Cavaletti Asymmetrical Tee
Elisa Cavaletti Distressed Denim Look Shirt
Elisa Cavaletti Finely Knit Sweater
Elisa Cavaletti Washed Grey Jeans
Elisa Cavaletti Tan Jeans
Elisa Cavaletti Cropped Jacket
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